About the Department

Computer Engineering Department has started its education under the name of Control and Computer Engineering in 1995 and its name changed as Computer Engineering Department by The Council of Higher Education in 1999. The department offers 5 years of undergraduate education. First year covers English preparation class and remaining 4 years cover basic computer engineering education. There are 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 11 assistant professors  and 9 research assistants in the computer engineering department. The department accepted its first students in the fall semester of 1995. Each year 170 new students are enrolling to the department. MA and Ph.D. education are also being offered in the Computer Engineering .

The department have several laboratories. These are Computer Lab., Test Lab., Computer Networks Lab., Embedded Systems Lab., Operating Systems Lab., Image Processing Lab., and Project Labs. The laboratories are equipped with the new technologies and are being used for several courses including computer programming, operating systems, database management systems, embedded systems, etc.   Computer engineering department also offers several programs and education courses with the collaboration of Erciyes University Continuous Education Center (ERSEM). 

Education plan of the department is organized to follow recent developments in science and technology . In this regard  in addition to the fundamental engineering knowledge,  several courses are also offered to the students to increase their specialization in certain areas. Computer engineering department students demonstrated their skills in various competitions.